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Marie food photographer grew up in France and Sweden. Inspired at an early age by photography, she moved to Rome in 2001 to study photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome. 

After a stint in New York, she went on to work for 3 years as Assistant Photographer for Giovanni Canitano, a prominent music photographer. During those formative years, Marie also explored the world of travel photography leading to her exposition at the Rome Photo Festival in 2008 with a project named ‘Dal non luogo al luogo’.

By coincidence, Marie eventually found herself in the kitchens of famous Italian Chefs such as Gennaro Esposito or Roy Salamon Caceres, and realized food had become her passion and best work to date.

Submerging herself in the world of food photography she also collaborated with Gambero Rosso, Mondadori, Lagostina, ELLE Gourmet, Danone,Thermomix and many others. Marie is now pursuing her career in Barcelona, working across the Mediterranean food scene and gladly calling many cultures home.

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